Raid / Server Data Recovery

Our dedicated team of RAID data recovery engineers is trained to handle all of the current RAID hardware platforms as well as SAN and NAS appliances commonly utilized in the market today.

Complex fault-tolerant systems can also suffer from a crash. Often, failure to correctly implement these systems leads to point of malfunction and can cause data loss. This is human error and not shortcomings of the technology used or the design of the array.

Even the best-configured RAID system can fail due to:

RAID Controller failure

  • Multiple drive failure
  • Accidental replacement of media components
  • Accidental reformatting of drives or whole RAID array
  • Array configuration lost
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation

Supported RAID Levels and Array Types

At this time, supports every type of RAID array. Our RAID data recovery services have been used by hundreds of organizations, and we are one of the only companies in the world with multiple cleanroom-equipped laboratories.
Some supported RAID levels include:

  • RAID 1 and RAID 10
  • RAID 0 and RAID 01
  • RAID 1E
  • RAID 3
  • RAID 4
  • RAID 5, RAID 5E, and RAID 5EE
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 50, 51, 60 and All Nested RAID
  • BeyondRAID (Drobo)
  • RAID ADG and More
  • JBOD and Non-RAID Configurations

We also support all RAID controller cards and hardware. offers recovery for all makes and models including:

  • Adaptec RAID
  • LG
  • Promise Technology
  • Supermicro
  • Dell (Includes PowerEdge Series)
  • Intel
  • IBM (Includes xSeries, Power Series, ServeRAID, etc.)
  • ATTO Technology
  • HP (Includes ProLiant Series)
  • LSI and More

If your RAID fails or if you cannot read important files, we recommend contacting our specialists for a free consultation. Please avoid running the array after a failure or taking any steps that could cause corruption, overwrites, parity loss, or media damage.

Our RAID data recovery process meets manufacturer’s requirements.

We recover data from any hard drive RAID arrays made by but not limited to the following manufacturers:

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